Upcoming Prize

The Association will present its next award in January 2025.

As in previous editions, the ALJB 2024 Prize has the aim of encouraging and developing scientific discussions in banking and financial law on subjects that may be of interest to the Luxembourg financial center.

We therefore invite all interested authors, under 40 years of age, to inform us, by May 31, 2024, at the latest, of their intention to participate in this new edition of the Prize by sending us a proposal for a topic as well as a detailed plan of maximum two pages.

The Association will reward the best works with one or more prizes ranging from 2,500 to 7,500 euros. The contributions, varying between 10 and 40 pages, must be written in French or English. To be selected, the works must be unpublished.

The final entries must be sent electronically, by September 30, 2024, at the latest, to the secretariat of our Association : secretariat@aljb.lu.

A jury, composed of specialists in banking and financial law, will judge the candidates' works and award the 2024 Prize. The jury's decision will be made public in January 2025. As in previous editions, the winning text(s) will be published in our Bulletin Droit & Banque.