1. The Goal

The ALJB is a non-profit association for Luxembourgish law established the 2 April 1982.

Its purpose is to promote the study and knowledge of banking and financial law.

Its main objectives are to promote communication and the exchange of ideas between its members through regular meetings, to organize conferences and debates, to publish articles and works dealing with legal issues of interest to the banking and financial sector and to follow the legislative and regulatory evolutions in Luxembourg.

It also establishes contacts with associations with a common purpose.

2. The Partners

The ALJB is a founding member of the European Association for Banking and Financial Law (AEDBF).

The ALJB maintains close relations with the AEDBF and its national associations in the various countries of the European Union. These contacts give rise to joint events such as international colloquia and seminars, the publication of collective works, and occasional collaborations.

It also has frequent exchanges with representatives of the academic community specialized in financial matters in Luxembourg and in other European countries, which lead to a fruitful sharing of thoughts and experiences between the academic world and legal practitioners. The Association is thus in continuous contact with the University of Luxembourg.

3. The Composition

Originally composed of 19 founding members, the ALJB has continued to grow over the years and today brings together more than 800 members from the banking and financial sector, lawyers, notaries, auditors, accountants, and some 65 legal entities.